Looking to drown your sorrows – this isn’t the place for you. THE HAPPIEST HOUR is a gathering of people who come together to share drinks and positive stories (big or small). It’s about connecting people and is rooted in the belief that if we celebrate and focus on the positive we can all flourish.

THE HAPPIEST HOUR PROJECT originated around two interests of founder, Mike Escobar – beer and positive psychology. After spending too many nights over a couple of drinks to take the edge off a bad day and being left in a worse mood, it was time for a different approach. As an experienced amateur brewer with plenty of beer around to share, the idea was born to engage with people over a beer about “what went right” during their day and reclaim the “happy” in Happy Hour.

If you were concerned about missing the June 2017 event, fear not – we took the summer off but are brewing now for our Fall 2017 event. Specific details will be released 4-6 weeks before the scheduled date. You can provide your email in the signup box (to the right or bottom of page) to be kept up to date on all events.

Curious and want to learn more or get involved? Check out the FAQ’s and use the Contact Us page to indicate your interest.